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If you are wondering whether or not the title of Andre Iguodala girlfriend has been taken, unfortunately, we can’t give you a definitive answer. We can however, give you some background about his past girlfriends or what may be better characterized as, ‘baby mama’ drama.

One of Iguodala’s past girlfriends, Clayanna Warthen of South Jersey, sued him for child support payments after they broke up in 2009. She wanted him to pay a whopping $12-$15 thousand dollars per month. Iguodala and his lawyer balked at this figure and the two sides decided to take the matter to court. According to Andre, by way of his lawyer, he has no issue with taking care of his daughter, London Iguodala, financially or otherwise. However, he doesn’t believe that the proposed amount being asked for by Clayanna is reasonable.

Andre Iguodala’s daughter with ex-girlfriend, Clayanna Warthen, is not his only child. He has a son, Andre Taylor Iguodala II who was born in 2007. His mother is a woman by the name of Christine, another former girlfriend.

Again, no current word on the identity of an Andre Iguodala girlfriend but it seems that he has a lot going on the baby front. He has two children and is involved in a bit of legal wrangling with one of his latest girlfriends over child support payments.


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Did you know that Andre Iguadala has a nickname. People call him "Iggy". Read more about where the Andre Iguodala nickname originated.
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